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Navigating the world of decentralized finance with Akkrue is a journey of empowerment, innovation, and strategic advantage. We understand that every journey, no matter how intuitive and well-engineered, is accompanied by questions, curiosities, and the need for support. Our Help Center & FAQ section is meticulously designed to be your companion in this journey, offering instant answers, insightful solutions, and unwavering support every step of the way.

Our Help Center is a repository of knowledge, insights, and solutions, each meticulously curated to address the diverse, dynamic, and specific needs of our institutional investors. It is not just a support center but a learning hub, an empowerment platform, and a partner in your journey through the intricate landscape of decentralized finance with Akkrue.


How does Akkrue's Automation Platform work?

It allows for the creation and deployment of public or private vaults running automated strategies in minutes with a simple drag & drop, no-code UI. The deployed vaults are fully audited, secure, and integrate any protocol using the Path Provider SDK.

What is Akkrue OBEX?

Akkrue OBEX (Order Balancer/Executioner) automatically and instantly finds the lowest cost path through the DeFi jungle, ensuring minimal slippage, especially for larger order sizes, and is ready for cross-chain & bridgeless order routing.

Can I develop new financial products on Akkrue?

Yes, Akkrue offers a marketplace to monetize indicators, algorithms, and strategies, and allows for the quick development of new financial products with pre-designed and/or custom strategy elements using a no-code/low-code approach.

How does Akkrue ensure the security of deployed vaults?

All deployed vaults are fully audited and secure, ensuring the safety and integrity of assets and strategies managed on the platform.

What is the significance of Akkrue's automated vaults?

Automated vaults facilitate easy and fast deployment of structured and managed products, enhancing efficiency and flexibility for institutional investors.

How does Akkrue ensure compliance with regulatory standards?

Akkrue adheres to strict regulatory compliance protocols, ensuring that all operations and transactions align with legal requirements, offering institutional investors a secure and compliant platform.

What makes Akkrue's user interface user-friendly?

Akkrue's interface is designed for intuitive navigation, offering easy access to complex features and tools, ensuring that institutional investors can manage their assets efficiently and effectively.

How does Akkrue handle liquidity?

Akkrue's OBEX system ensures optimal liquidity management, offering minimal slippage and efficient order execution, enhancing the investment process for institutional investors.

Is there a minimum investment requirement to use Akkrue?

Specific investment requirements can be obtained by contacting the Akkrue team directly, ensuring tailored solutions for each institutional investor.

How does Akkrue protect against market volatility?

Akkrue employs advanced analytics and risk management tools to monitor and mitigate the impacts of market volatility, ensuring stable and secure investment operations.

What types of assets can be managed on Akkrue?

Akkrue is engineered to support the management of a diverse range of assets, with compatibility for more than [1000 - Update number] blockchains. Institutional investors have the flexibility to manage a variety of digital assets, ensuring a comprehensive and diversified investment portfolio. The platform's adaptability and extensive blockchain support cater to the dynamic needs of modern institutional investment strategies.

How does Akkrue ensure data protection?

Data protection is integral to Akkrue. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of data security, underscored by rigorous audits and our esteemed Vara license. These audits validate our adherence to stringent data protection protocols, ensuring that institutional investors' sensitive information is safeguarded with utmost integrity.

What measures does Akkrue take to mitigate risks associated with digital asset investments?

Akkrue employs sophisticated risk management tools and analytics, comprehensive audits, and is backed by a Vara license, ensuring a secure, compliant, and risk-mitigated environment for digital asset investments.

How can institutional investors track their investments on Akkrue?

Akkrue provides real-time data and analytics tools, offering investors instant insights and detailed reports on their investment performance, asset allocation, and other key metrics.

Can Akkrue be integrated with other financial management tools and systems?

Akkrue’s open API and SDK allow for seamless integration with a variety of financial management tools and systems, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with institutional investors’ existing workflows.

How customizable are the investment strategies on Akkrue?

Akkrue offers a highly customizable platform, allowing institutional investors to tailor their investment strategies, with support for a wide range of digital assets and blockchains.

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